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Over 60’s Match Shepherds Way 7th July

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1st Dave Cannon 55lb 12oz

2nd Colin Winter 26lb 13oz

3rd David Aris 24lb 2oz

4th Trevor Williams 22lb

5th Ray Mouratsing 14lb 9oz

6th Brian Jackson 13lb 7oz

7th John Dunn 10lb 9oz

8th Richard Drury 7lb 6oz

9th John Barcock 2lb 7oz

10th Ron Williams 1lb 4oz

All anglers listed below also fished the match but did not weigh in.

Lee Robinson, Graham Mandall, Melvin Hall, John Copley, Roger Manser, Cliff Wood, Keith Banks, Martin Barlow, George Belamy, Tony Chebsey.

Korda Safe Clips

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Dear Member,

I thought I would share this with you. I have attached a picture of a Korda clip, weight & hook. This was attached to a 10lb common carp that was caught recently at Shepherds Way. The member sent me the picture. He was concerned about the rig and hook size. Firstly, the hook looks larger that a 10. We have a rule regarding hook sizes and a size 10 is the largest you can use. I never use anything larger than a 12 but please be aware of this rule.

Secondly, the weight is attached to a Korda Safe Clip so not an illegal rig. The rubber sleeve has come off but the weight has stayed on. The angler may have been unlucky here. However, I have included the following link to a video by Danny Fairbrass of Korda, explaining how the rig should be set up. Please have a look at it. 

Many thanks 

Paul Hutton


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Rule Change

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Shepherds Way Special Rules

(e) The following baits and methods will be banned:- fixed rigs, all floating baits, boilies, nuts, and trout pellets.

Method feeders will be allowed as a running rig only, this will be on a one year trial basis.

New Bailiffs for Shepherds Way

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New bailiffs for Shepherds Way Roger Manser on the left and Mark Saunders on the right, please note these two bailiffs replace Trevor Williams who has stood down as bailiff for Shepherds Way.

Please remember when asked to show your membership card they are only doing their job for the club, also you should always have your membership card on you at all times when fishing our club waters, so there should be no excuse for not showing your card when asked.

Neate’s Lake @ Shepherds Way

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The Top Lake at Shepherds Way has been re-named as Neate’s Lake in respect of the 40+ years that Jack Neate was treasurer for Barnet D A C , Jack stood down as treasurer in April 2016, Jack spent many enjoyable years as treasurer of Barnet D A C & still has an input the affairs of the club. Jack obtained & has retained a great deal of knowledge about the club, which is a great help to the current committee members, long may he continue do so.


Neate's Lake