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Re-Stocking of Shepherds Way

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As Pat of its ongoing commitment to its members, videos below of the new fish stocks released into Shepherds Way in late March 2022.

Sunday 30 January, 2022

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Ray Mouratsing with a photo of his catch of 49lb of Carp from the small lake at Shepherds Way.

As part of the re-stocking process currently underway for Shepherds Way, all Carp were transferred to the large lake.

Club AGM Notification – 6 April 2022

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Dear Member,

I want to update you on two pieces of news.

Firstly, the committee has set the date of 6th April 2022 for the club AGM. We are planning to hold this at London Colney Parish Council offices, which has been the traditional venue pre COVID-19. Unless the COVID-19 rules change between now and then, we look forward to seeing as many members, that wish to attend, as possible. Details to follow soon.

Secondly, the committee has agreed a restocking programme at Shepherds Way. We plan to introduce 100 crucian carp into the small lake. As these grow on it should give some good mixed sport for those who enjoy float fishing and club matches.  We are also introducing approximately 100 common/mirror carp to Neate’s (large) Lake. At an average weight of 2lbs each these should grow on quickly and improve catch numbers in the coming months. We plan to restock late March 2022.

Many thanks,

Paul Hutton.


Sonning Farm Car Park

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Please note that we can no longer use the Sonning Farm car park (upstream) when fishing at Sonning. The only available car park is the one at Milestone Avenue.

Open Day – Shepherds Way 4 September 2021

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Are you looking for a friendly, welcoming local Angling Club to join?

We will be having our annual open day on Saturday 4th September 2021 at Shepherds Way from 10.00 to 17.00.  This is the opportunity for people who may be interested in fishing to come along and have a go if they wish. It is also an opportunity for members to introduce family or friends into the club.

Past open days has seen a number of new members join up and we are particularly keen to get youngsters along. We will have members demonstrating differing angling methods and the chance to catch a fish or two.

We need people to answer questions and make the odd cup of tea. You may also wish to assist in showing new anglers how to fish. Please feel free to pitch up and help.

Louis with his first ever fish!

Ray Mouratsing showing the youngsters how its done. Click image below to view video.