The Barnet & District Angling Club was started in 1933 by a group of keen local fishermen who wanted to provide fishing facilities to local anglers.

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New members are always welcome and we have a range of memberships to suit all ages and situations.

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Latest News

Joining Barnet D A C

We have some vacancies for the 2021/22 season at Barnet & District A C, prices are shown on the join page were you can join on line, and also all the information about the club and it’s venues, you can download an application form from there, if you require any more information please email…

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Chalking at Shepherds Way

On Saturday 29th March we treated both lakes at Shepherds Way with Siltex chalk. If done regularly, it will reduce the silt layer and improve the quality of the water. Our Secretary, Paul Hutton, is in the front of the boat assisted by other club members with a team on the bank moving the bags…

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Turnford Consortium

Turnford Angling Consortium (TAC) Announcement Dear Member, I have great pleasure informing you that Barnet & District Angling Club has negotiated membership of the Turnford Angling Consortium (TAC). This is great news for our club as membership of the TAC is very limited. One of the criticisms the club receives is that we did not have…

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Shepherds Way

Dear Member, Shepherds Way will be open from 0800hrs tomorrow morning, 8th January. Thanks  Paul Hutton Secretary. 

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Winter Ticket

Half Yearly winter Ticket Half yearly winter ticket can be purchased from Friday 25th September 2020 on line, via the club’s web-site ( Fees Adults/oap £81.00 (this amount includes the £29.00 joining fee, payable for the first year only, but please note to fish our premier water Shepherds Way you must join as a full…

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Korda Safe Clips

Dear Member, I thought I would share this with you. I have attached a picture of a Korda clip, weight & hook. This was attached to a 10lb common carp that was caught recently at Shepherds Way. The member sent me the picture. He was concerned about the rig and hook size. Firstly, the hook looks…

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Rule Change

Shepherds Way Special Rules (e) The following baits and methods will be banned:- fixed rigs, all floating baits, boilies, nuts, and trout pellets. Method feeders will be allowed as a running rig only, this will be on a one year trial basis.

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New Bailiffs for Shepherds Way

New bailiffs for Shepherds Way Roger Manser on the left and Mark Saunders on the right, please note these two bailiffs replace Trevor Williams who has stood down as bailiff for Shepherds Way. Please remember when asked to show your membership card they are only doing their job for the club, also you should always have your…

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Neate’s Lake @ Shepherds Way

The Top Lake at Shepherds Way has been re-named as Neate’s Lake in respect of the 40+ years that Jack Neate was treasurer for Barnet D A C , Jack stood down as treasurer in April 2016, Jack spent many enjoyable years as treasurer of Barnet D A C & still has an input the…

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