Shepherds Way – Brookmans Park

Post Code AL9 6NJ

Shepherds Way – Special Rules

The following special rules shall apply at the Shepherds Way Fishery.

(a)  fishing is allowed only from the permanent numbered pegs.

(b)  the use of keepnets is banned on this water, except where an organised club match is taking place (club nets to be used).

(c)  all nets must be air dried before starting fishing.

(d)  barbless hooks only, maximum size 10. Genuine barbless hooks only, not broken or bent barb.

(e)  The following baits and methods will be banned:- fixed rigs, all floating baits, boilies and nuts and trout pellets.

(f)  no guest tickets before October 1st.

(g)  no guest tickets for junior members at any time.

(h)  only one rod per member to be used at any one time.

(i)  groundbait is allowed, with a limit of one kilo per angler. Carp pellets allowed with a limit of half a kilo per angler.

(j)  As from 1st May 2005, all members and visitors fishing the lakes at Shepherds Way must be in possession of an un-hooking mat when on the water.

(k)  no more than six members, including junior’s are allowed on any one night and that member must pre-book with the bailiff.

(l)  The small lake is float only.

(m)  The full duration any angler can be on the water will be 24 hours with no return within a calendar week.

Venue Information

This premiere lake offers great fishing in a picturesque setting with excellent parking and toilet facilities.
The lake has a prolific head of Carp ranging from 2lb to 25lb, Roach average between 12oz and a 1lb with larger fish not uncommon.
The two lakes provide around 40 pegs and in the summer you will find many of these occupied, such is the reputation of this water.
The fishery is open throughout the close season and is worth a visit any time of the year.
Carp will show up in just about any peg, it’s purely the case of choosing the right method on the day.

Neate’s Lake

Small Lake

Members Catches

Tips and Techniques

Try spraying maggot under a light float (or even no float) on a pole with strong elastic. Bread, sweet corn in the margins or Carp pellet can account for some of the lakes larger carp. Try caster up in the water for good bags of roach. The maggot feeder can sort out a few Carp when the weather closes in. Special rules apply governing the use of baits and hooks so please consult your BADAC rule book.

Koi Herpes Virus

The Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) is a very damaging and an easily spread virus that affects common carp and carp varieties

Outbreaks of the disease occur in summer, when water temperatures are high and can kill between 20% and 100% of carp in a fishery. The disease is most likely to be spread by fishing tackle that has been used on an infected lake and then used on our lakes.

To protect Shepherds Way Lakes kindly ensure that your nets are properly Air Dried or dipped in the dips provided. General cleanliness of your tackle is always a good idea anyway. So please help us to maintain the high quality of the fish in the Shepherds Way Lakes by disinfecting your landing nets and any other objects that may have picked up the disease from another lake.

Of course, no personal keep nets are to be used at the Shepherds Way lakes, Thank you.