Kings Weir Fishery

Kings Weir Fishery is a family run coarse fishery on the River Lea, renowned for its specimen sized Barbel, Bream and Chub. The fish community also includes populations of Dace, Gudgeon, European Eel, Pike and Roach and anglers are drawn nationally and internationally to fish the historic venue. You can either fish the Weir pool or a stretch located downstream named “The Members Section”. The fishery also includes stillwater fishing on the adjacent Holyfield/Langridge Lake where you can catch specimen sized Bream, Carp, Perch, Pike and Tench. The fishery has  had a security upgrade where there is a buzzer entry system to the carpark. CCTV has been installed around the fishery so they have one of the safest carparks and fishery about . They also have an onsite accessible  toilet  facility.

To fish this venue you MUST contact in advance (01992-468394 or 07398 160623) to book a swim.

This is a small fishery with 9 swims in total.

Follow the link to the fishery website for more details and applicable fishery rules Kings Weir Fishery.