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Turnford Consortium

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Turnford Angling Consortium (TAC) Announcement

Dear Member,

I have great pleasure informing you that Barnet & District Angling Club has negotiated membership of the Turnford Angling Consortium (TAC). This is great news for our club as membership of the TAC is very limited. One of the criticisms the club receives is that we did not have “Big Carp” waters. This is now addressed. We will be issuing tickets for this fishery as part of the 2021/22 season. There will be an additional charge of £5 per member if you wish to receive a ticket for TAC. We believe this to be very good value. More details will follow and there will be exceptions and limitations.

Turnford Angling Consortium (TAC) is one of the oldest in the Lee Valley area. It was formed by several clubs coming together to jointly manage the Slipe Lane Pits in Wormley, Broxbourne with the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority. The complex is reckoned to be the best fishery in the whole of the Lea Valley area and consists of four mixed fisheries offering something for everyone. Extensive investment in stockings and bank work over the years has been made in the fishery to provide plenty of sport for anglers of all abilities.

Please go to the website for more info. www.turnfordac.co.uk

There are 4 lakes (pits) 

Tickets will be available from 1st May 2021, should you require one, please tick the box on your renewal form & pay the £5.00 fee (this ticket is available to full members only, not associate members)