Korda Safe Clips

Korda Safe Clips

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Dear Member,

I thought I would share this with you. I have attached a picture of a Korda clip, weight & hook. This was attached to a 10lb common carp that was caught recently at Shepherds Way. The member sent me the picture. He was concerned about the rig and hook size. Firstly, the hook looks larger that a 10. We have a rule regarding hook sizes and a size 10 is the largest you can use. I never use anything larger than a 12 but please be aware of this rule.

Secondly, the weight is attached to a Korda Safe Clip so not an illegal rig. The rubber sleeve has come off but the weight has stayed on. The angler may have been unlucky here. However, I have included the following link to a video by Danny Fairbrass of Korda, explaining how the rig should be set up. Please have a look at it. 

Many thanks 

Paul Hutton