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Blunham – Twin Bridges

Category : Fishery Reports

I have had lots of reports about the fishing with good bags of Roach, Dace and Bream showing.

Regards, Dave Ruddle

Blunham Ham Barn

Category : Fishery Reports

Wednesday the 3rd July saw 6 club members take on the task of clearing the stretch to the left of the car park (Peg 19) down as far as (Peg 3) even David Livingstone would have trouble finding pegs 1 & 2!!
All these swims are now open, a path has been cut through and if you think about it, the walk to the left is far less strenuous and looks extremely inviting.
For the more energetic, the path to the right of the car park has been cut all the way up to the far point, just before the bay and a number of swims have also been re-opened.
Two willow trees around peg 34 – 36 have been cut right back to allow greater flexibility when fishing
The old path veering off to the right at the end of the flats that takes you to the top field has also been re-opened.

Stuart Butterfield, never knowing when to call it a day, decided to fish peg 3 and had a good late afternoon / evening fishing the stick float, catching Chub and Dace in numbers topped with a bonus 6lb Bream.

We have also had reports of good bags of decent Bream showing from the bend and along the flats.

Well worth a visit.


Category : Fishery Reports

Reports have been received of non members, believed to be of Eastern European origin, fishing illegally at Lowbell Lane and taking fish away.
The Club have been in touch with one of the distribution depots around Lowbell Lane, informing them of our concerns and they are investigating and will report back to us.

Should you see any illegal activity please report the incident to the Environment Agency, the number can be found on your rod licence (0800 80 70 60)
Or alternatively call the Police.
We would advise you not to approach if you feel intimidated in any way.