Club AGM Notification – 6 April 2022

Club AGM Notification – 6 April 2022

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Dear Member,

I want to update you on two pieces of news.

Firstly, the committee has set the date of 6th April 2022 for the club AGM. We are planning to hold this at London Colney Parish Council offices, which has been the traditional venue pre COVID-19. Unless the COVID-19 rules change between now and then, we look forward to seeing as many members, that wish to attend, as possible. Details to follow soon.

Secondly, the committee has agreed a restocking programme at Shepherds Way. We plan to introduce 100 crucian carp into the small lake. As these grow on it should give some good mixed sport for those who enjoy float fishing and club matches.  We are also introducing approximately 100 common/mirror carp to Neate’s (large) Lake. At an average weight of 2lbs each these should grow on quickly and improve catch numbers in the coming months. We plan to restock late March 2022.

Many thanks,

Paul Hutton.