Shepherds Way update

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Shepherds Way update

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Dear Member,

I want to give you an update on Shepherds Way. 

The venue remains closed at present due to a number of fish fatalties earlier this week. We have been testing and monitoring the lake(s) and it is clear that the water is struggling to hold dissolved oxygen (DO) during the night. This is because fresh water can hold less DO as its temperature rises. The water temperature this week has been over 27 degrees C which is very high. This, coupled with the very low water levels, due to the lack of rain and increased evapouration, is putting a significant strain on the fish leaving them extremely stressed. They are spending most of the day exhausted trying to recover from an evening of very little oxygen. They are not feeding due to this stress so catches have been poor. The ones that are caught put up a fight which exhausts them even further. If not handled correctly once netted and on the bank and are then released before they have time to recover, are in real danger of dying. We believe we have loss at least 10 carp through a combination of low oxygen and exhaustion after being caught. A good number of these have been older fish in double figures. 

I have a meeting with our EA Officer at the lake tomorrow to discuss what we should be doing to  protect our fish whilst keeping our members angling. Its a real challenge and a sign of how climate change is affecting our waterways. 

I apologise we have had to close Shepherds Way and please be assured that we will open it as soon as we can feel comfortable that the risk of fish deaths is reduced.

Many thanks for your understanding and I will keep you informed. 


Paul Hutton