Shepherds Way silt removal

Shepherds Way silt removal

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Dear Club Member,

By the end of today we will have completed the removal of silt from Neates Lake at Shepherds Way. We estimate we have managed to remove 1,100 tons in phase 2, so adding that to the 500 tons we removed in phase 1, a total of 1,600 tons of silt has come out. We have also introduced 2.5 tons of chalk into the lake which will assist in reducing the remaining silt and promote a better biomass. Given how much rain we have had and how soft the ground is, some parts of Shepherds Way did get chopped up during the process. This was unavoidable. Roger Manser & I spread out a number of tons of Type 1 hardcore, although we were puffing like mad, to give safe access to a number of swims. Swim (peg) 3 has recieved some damage as this was used to site the excavator. This swim will remain closed until full repairs can be made. A large proportion of the silt has been placed in a bunded area opposite swims 1 – 7, adjacent to the road. This area has be clearly marked with “caution” barrier tape. Please be very careful not to enter this taped of area. The silt is deep, 5ft in places and will not support any weight whatsoever. 

The lake will reopen on Saturday 14th March. Due to the soft ground and muddy areas I recommend anglers wear wellies or boots that will cope with deep mud and pools in certain areas. In fact, I recommend that for a week or so, anglers walk  around the lake using the pathway that runs past the bailiff hut to the farside swims. We have laid type 1 hardore along here and this will avoid much of the muddy ground. 

Time will tell if our hard work has paid dividends but I have a feeling that as we get into the warmer spring months the lake will start to perform. Those that fish the lake in the coming weeks please let me know how you are getting on. 

I wish you all tight lines but please take care and observe the warning signs and information whislt the ground is recovering.

Thnak you for your patience.

Best wishes 

Paul Hutton