De-Silting at Shepherds Awy

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De-Silting at Shepherds Awy

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Dear Member,

I am writing to inform you the club committee has agreed to proceed with the second phase of de-silting at Shepherds Way. As you know, we closed the fishery in early autumn last year, in which we managed to remove approximately 500 tons of sediment. We had hoped to remove more but due to the low water levels at the time, the process of getting the spoil into the dumpers was difficult and slowed us down. For the second phase we will be using a different method to move the sediment which will be more efficient. We anticipate removing signicant amounts of sendiment from the entire large lake which will further improve the depth and water quality. 

We therefore will be closing Shepherds Way from Sunday 8th March until 17th March 2020 inclusive. We will reopen the venue on Wednesday 18th March after an assement of the water conditions. If we believe it needs a little longer to settle we will inform members by mail. 

If you are visiting the fishery between now and the start of de-silting please look for signs on the gate and container giving updates. 

I would like to thank you for your understanding and patience whislt we get this important work completed. It will make a positive difference and should improve your angling experience in the future. 

Kind regards 

Paul Hutton