Match Result V Kings Langley AS

Match Result V Kings Langley AS

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Barnet DAC V/S Kings Langley AS             4th of August 2019       Shepherds Way

  Name Club Weights Points
1st J Beeton KLAS 58 lbs 1oz 20
2nd R Wells KLAS 52lbs 4oz 19
3rd T Jackson BADAC 48lbs 18
4th R Drury BADAC 37lbs 2oz 17
5th  R Grattan BADAC 34lbs 1oz 16
6th C Winter BADAC 29lbs 1oz 15
7th K Marslin BADAC 27lbs 14oz 14
8th V Bisogno BADAC 27lbs 13oz 13
9th M Gillings KLAS 23lbs 12
10th T Williams BADAC 19lbs 9oz 11
11th D Thomas KLAS 18lbs 10
12th R Chalkley KLAS 15lbs 6oz 9
13th T Hazell KLAS 11lbs 6oz 8
14th B Best KLAS 8lbs 9oz 7
15th D Mills KLAS 8lbs 8oz 6
16th G Bellamy BADAC 6lbs 7oz 5
17th R Mouratsing BADAC 6lbs 3oz 4
18th J Theobold BADAC 1lb 10oz 3

Barnet DAC 109 points

Kings Langley 91points

Barnet wins the first leg of the Barnet DAC V Kings Langley AS. Return leg will be at Kings Langley Lake, Nash Mill on the 15th of September