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Working Parties for 2018

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Blunham    03th June 2018    10th June 2018

Shepherds Way   22nd April 2018   20th May 2018   03th June 2018

Sonning    20th May 2018   10th June 2018

All work parties start at 9.00am and finish at 13.00pm

Open Day Saturday 12.05. 2018 at Shepherds Way

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Please note current members can renew their membership on this day, cash & cheque only (cheques should be made payable to Barnet D.A.C)

Update on Fishers Green Parking

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If Members park in Fishers Green Lane there is a cost of £2.50 for 24 hours , the same applies for Stubbings Lane car park.

If members go through the combination lock gates to the car parks desingnated for anglers of the Consortium, there is no charge.

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As some of you already know the LVRPA is introducing Car Parking charges for The Hooks Marsh and Stubbins Hall Lane car parks from 8th March. Charges are First Hour Free and the £2.50 for 24hrs. Penalty charge of £100 if no Ticket.At Stubbins Hall Lane, once inside the Combination Gate to the river our two car parks are unaffected however Camera’s have been erected covering the route past the car Park to the Fishers Green Gate. We were told that they would only cover the entrance and exit to the Car Park. Clearly they do not. It is unclear how these will operate and clarification is being sought.
Hooks Marsh is altogether different as in the past we have shared the Car Park with the Dog Walkers, Bird Watchers and general members of the Public. So far we have been unable to come to a solution that gives Consortium Anglers free parking though several ideas have been put forward.
I have also asked for the 24 hrs period to be defined as both Car Parks are locked at Night with Consortium members using the combination to gain access.
These charges have been instigated at a high level inside the LVRPA and we are currently trying to find the correct person to address our fears and arrange a Meeting accordingly.
Please be patient as a solution may take a little time but feel free to register your comments on the Parking to the LVRPA  at Middelton House on 0300 003 0610 or send an e-mail. I have complained on your behalf but that counts as only one complaint. Please encourage your members to make the call to complain. It will help.
I will keep you all informed of progress

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New Members Deal

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As from 1st February 2018, new members can join Barnet D.A.C & obtain membership until 15th June 2019 ( giving you an extra 3 months fishing), you can obtain membership via pay-pal on our web-site or by visiting the following tackle shops: London Colney Tackle, Potters Bar Angling & D & A Tackle, membership can also be obtained from us (e-mail for information.

Please note at the moment we only have London Colney Lakes until 30.04.18, as it’s in the process of being sold, hopefully the new owner we let us retain the fishing rights, but at the moment we have no information on this, therefore no night fishing permit’s will be issued until we know the outcome of the sale of this fishery.


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Secretary and Treasurer required

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The club URGENTLY requires new officers to fulfil the following vacancies, full & on-going help would be available from the outgoing officers:

Secretary, this job includes all correspondence for the  club, e.g, letter writing, minute taking at club meetings & liaising with landlords regarding any of our leases/fisheries.

Treasurer, this job would suit a married/partner duo or two people/friends that live quite close to each other so liaising would be easy, as this vacancy also includes the up-date of the membership database, sending out renewals in April each year, the banking of all monies received & the balancing of all receipts & expenses paid at the end of each year.

Please note the busy period for the treasurer is the three months from April-June each year, as this is when all the renewals go out & members return their renewals to re-join the club.

Both positions receive an honorarium annually, if anyone is interested in the above please contact Dave Ruddle via e-mail to  for any other details/information about these vacancies.

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London Colney

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London Colney Update

Over the last year, the Trustees of the Club have worked hard, seeking the best possible solution to retain the fishing rights at Broad Colney Lakes. Since confirmation of the sale, we have had to take into account not only the current offer price, that we understand to be considerably in excess of the  £30,000 guide price, but also the ongoing upkeep of the surrounding land, along with the rebuilding of swims that have been removed by Herts & Middx Wildlife Trust.   This in itself is a massive task that we believe can only be achieved over a lengthy period of time with the help of grants from various outside providers, along with further assistance from a willing and supportive partner.

After taking all these factors into consideration we arranged meetings with London Colney Parish Council to see if they were willing to enter into a partnership with the Club.

The Parish Council passed a resolution at their last full meeting that they would submit a bid, working alongside of the Club, so they can continue with the fishing rights should the bid be successful   This proposal was later endorsed by the BADAC Committee at our last meeting

The submission is based on many and varying issues that make it unique in its presentation and hopefully has the strength to see it accepted.

We will of course keep you informed as events unfold.


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Club’s Insurance.

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Barnet and District Angling Club

Membership number: 63421

We are writing to all Angling Trust member clubs with important information about your club’s insurance.

We have been advised by Jelf Insurance Brokers that the cover provided under the Sportscover Sports Liability Policy in as far as it applies to individual members of Angling Trust member clubs and syndicates, covers your members only when they are engaged in activities connected with the member club or syndicate. This limitation is specifically referred to in clause 15.2 on page 5 of the Sports Liability policy document.

We would respectfully ask that your club committee or syndicate leader takes action to ensure that your members are aware of this limitation to the cover. Individual anglers who wish to ensure that they have the benefit of public liability insurance for all their angling activities worldwide, whether connected with a member club or not, can join the Angling Trust as an individual member and receive this cover as an automatic benefit of membership.

We will be writing to you again soon to introduce an exciting new initiative to help us grow Angling Trust individual membership and benefit you, our member clubs, as part of that recruitment process. We also expect to be in touch with news of a great new membership benefit for individual members.

We’ve also been addressing the new Data Protection regulations (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018 and we’ll be writing to all member clubs with advice to help you make sure you can be compliant with the new requirements.

We’ll be sending these communications to all clubs through the post, so please make sure we have correct contact details for your club or syndicate and let us know promptly if any changes are required.

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Work on the river Ivel

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From the IPA

We’ve been in contact with the EA about some planned works on the Ivel that will potentially impact upon IPA fishing for their duration. We received the following email from Tamsyn Ellway at the EA this morning. Perhaps you can let your members know, especially about the works on Broom Sluice (Jordan’s) as that upstream stretch is popular for roach fishing in winter. .

The works at Broom Sluice will include the following:

a)      refurbishing the superstructure, counterbalance and gate,

b)      replacing the wire ropes,

c)       replacing the existing motor and gearbox drive system with an actuator drive

d)      Installing hand railing near the actuator

e)      Installing inward opening spring gated access to top gangway

f)       applying new surface protection to the structure and telemetry kiosk

g)     patch repairing/re-pointing masonry and block stone upstream and downstream along the channel walls up to the disused mitre door recesses. 

To provide a dry working area while undertaking the works we will be damming off the channel upstream and downstream of the sluice gate. The intention is to discharge flows around the mill channel and maintain the current retention levels during the works. The works should not impact upon river levels in the longer term.


Works at Broom sluice are due to start in late November 2017 and are expected to take 7-8 weeks to complete.


Langford Firegate Sluice, also known as the New Bypass Sluice was constructed in 1946 and is situated approx. 50m upstream of Langford Mill at TL 18325 41281 and at the head of one of the two side channels at Langford. Please see map location image below.


Planned works at the Firegate Sluice and Langford Mill are planned in the period from January – March 2018.  The structures will be repaired in turn, we anticipate being able to control levels and flows whilst maintaining retention levels using the structure that is not being repaired at that point. We anticipate minimal impacts on levels/flows upstream. We do not anticipate any long term impacts on levels or flows.




If you have any further questions on these works please contact Asset.Perform.Bed@environment-



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Shepherds Way/London Colney

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We are receiving feedback from some members that Shepherds Way is up for Sale.

The Club would like to inform the membership that this could not be further from the truth and Shepherds Way lakes will always remain an integral part of BADAC.

However these rumors may well relate to the sale of Broad Colney Lakes and the nature reserve as a whole, with the sale going onto the open market some two weeks ago.

The Club is fully aware of the situation and would like to reassure members that every effort is being made and every avenue explored, to allow the Club to continue to fish at Colney for many years to come.

We hope to be able to give a further update in early November.