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John Adams- funeral details

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The Funeral of John Adams who died recently, takes place on Wednesday 30th May 2018 at New Southgate Crematorium at 1.00pm,  & then afterwards at The Arkley Club.

work party

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For those of you that are due to attend a working party (Adult and Associate members) during this closed season & have not yet done one, there are now only the four following dates available:

Blunham Sunday 3rd & Sunday 10th June 2018

Sonning Sunday 10th June 2018

Shepherds Way Sunday 3rd June 2018

Many thanks to any members that have attended a working party or paid the £15.00 levy, all this helps to maintain our waters.

Dave Ruddle

London Colney (Broad Colney Lakes)

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Dear Members

AS from the 8th May 2018 the Club has lost the right to fish at both Broad Colney lakes.

The sale has progressed slowly and at the moment we understand that nothing has been fully agreed and signed.  As soon as a contract has been agreed we may be in a position to further address our future at the lakes.

Please be advised:  The Club is no longer able to accept any responsibility for any anglers, members or not, who decide to fish at the lakes and that should they do so, it is under their own volition and that they are fully aware of any consequences that may arise.

Pike Fishing

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A new club member has requested the following information. If anyone can help get in touch with me and I will pass on any relevant details.

“I just joined the club. I fish for pikes with lures exclusively. I primarily joined to fish the Fishers Green area that I know a little bit but of course I’d like to take advantage of other venues that are part of the “ticket”.
I was wondering if you could tell me in which water I’d have the best opportunity to fish for pikes with lures.”

Working Parties for 2018

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Blunham    03th June 2018    10th June 2018

Shepherds Way   03th June 2018

Sonning    10th June 2018

All work parties start at 9.00am and finish at 13.00pm

Update on Fishers Green Parking

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If Members park in Fishers Green Lane there is a cost of £2.50 for 24 hours , the same applies for Stubbings Lane car park.

If members go through the combination lock gates to the car parks desingnated for anglers of the Consortium, there is no charge.

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As some of you already know the LVRPA is introducing Car Parking charges for The Hooks Marsh and Stubbins Hall Lane car parks from 8th March. Charges are First Hour Free and the £2.50 for 24hrs. Penalty charge of £100 if no Ticket.At Stubbins Hall Lane, once inside the Combination Gate to the river our two car parks are unaffected however Camera’s have been erected covering the route past the car Park to the Fishers Green Gate. We were told that they would only cover the entrance and exit to the Car Park. Clearly they do not. It is unclear how these will operate and clarification is being sought.
Hooks Marsh is altogether different as in the past we have shared the Car Park with the Dog Walkers, Bird Watchers and general members of the Public. So far we have been unable to come to a solution that gives Consortium Anglers free parking though several ideas have been put forward.
I have also asked for the 24 hrs period to be defined as both Car Parks are locked at Night with Consortium members using the combination to gain access.
These charges have been instigated at a high level inside the LVRPA and we are currently trying to find the correct person to address our fears and arrange a Meeting accordingly.
Please be patient as a solution may take a little time but feel free to register your comments on the Parking to the LVRPA  at Middelton House on 0300 003 0610 or send an e-mail. I have complained on your behalf but that counts as only one complaint. Please encourage your members to make the call to complain. It will help.
I will keep you all informed of progress

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New Members Deal

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As from 1st February 2018, new members can join Barnet D.A.C & obtain membership until 15th June 2019 ( giving you an extra 3 months fishing), you can obtain membership via pay-pal on our web-site or by visiting the following tackle shops: London Colney Tackle, Potters Bar Angling & D & A Tackle, membership can also be obtained from us (e-mail for information.

Please note at the moment we only have London Colney Lakes until 30.04.18, as it’s in the process of being sold, hopefully the new owner we let us retain the fishing rights, but at the moment we have no information on this, therefore no night fishing permit’s will be issued until we know the outcome of the sale of this fishery.


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Secretary and Treasurer required

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The club URGENTLY requires new officers to fulfil the following vacancies, full & on-going help would be available from the outgoing officers:

Secretary, this job includes all correspondence for the  club, e.g, letter writing, minute taking at club meetings & liaising with landlords regarding any of our leases/fisheries.

Treasurer, this job would suit a married/partner duo or two people/friends that live quite close to each other so liaising would be easy, as this vacancy also includes the up-date of the membership database, sending out renewals in April each year, the banking of all monies received & the balancing of all receipts & expenses paid at the end of each year.

Please note the busy period for the treasurer is the three months from April-June each year, as this is when all the renewals go out & members return their renewals to re-join the club.

Both positions receive an honorarium annually, if anyone is interested in the above please contact Dave Ruddle via e-mail to  for any other details/information about these vacancies.

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Chub From Lowbell Lane

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Part of a catch from Lowbell, 5 Chub between 1.8lb and 4lb the rest of the catch was Bream and Roach. Bait was maggot and caster.