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Help Required

Category : Club News

The following message was received by the Club over the Weekend.

“As I’m sure you’re aware earlier this year B.A.D.A.C and the Fishing Fraternity in general lost a long standing member when Mr George Favell passed.

As a mark of respect and remembrance another B.A.D.A.C member did, at his own expense, have made a Brass Plaque (similar to others installed at Shepherds Way – see attachment) which he duly fixed to a tree directly adjacent to Peg 6 Shepherds Way. This being “virtually” the only swim George could manage to get to due to his lack of mobility. For whatever reason and certainly by persons unknown, this plaque has been removed.

It has been suggested that it was stolen because the thief thinks it’s actually made of “Brass”

If you know of anyone who may have removed this Plaque or know of its whereabouts please return it to the club ASAP. This type of behaviour is not what we expect as a club.

Thank you