Shepherds Way visit

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Shepherds Way visit

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Dear Member,

I visited Shepherds Way yesterday & I see that some wood chippings have appeared in the back car park, we don’t require any more wood chippings to be delivered at the moment as it is restricting the car parking spaces until what is there has been used.

The main reason that Dave Porter & myself visited Shepherds Way yesterday was regards to the tree work which needs doing there, this was highlighted by the recent tree audit we had done, the urgent tree work (this will be five trees) will be done towards the end of April, once the ground has dried up so we may get some vehicles on the land. Does any of our members have a chain-saw with a 36inch blade who can help, if so, please contact Dave Ruddle via the web-site .

We will also need general help (moving & burning logs) when this tree work happens, we will send out an e-mail once we have the confirmed date for this work, please note the fishery will need to be closed whilst this work is undertaken, please note that anyone who helps with this work, it will count as their working party for the new season.

Dave Ruddle