River Severn weekend

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River Severn weekend

Category : Fishery Reports

The sun shone on the ‘righteous’ this weekend after an horrendous journey for some on their way to Bridgnorth for our annual barbel bashing session although unfortunately the weather caused one regular to have to turn back in his attempt to get there due to impassable sections of his journey. We greeted old friends and new in the shape of The Eco Warrior and his dog, Nathan and Robbie Junior.

A new section was tried by some on the day of arrival (Friday) but fish proved elusive to the majority on the venue – the ‘old hand’ luckily snaring a couple of ‘five pounders’, with little or nothing else being caught.

Saturday’s session on our booked stretch saw everyone catch (although Robbie senior fished an ‘illegal’ swim to hook and sometimes land his fish). The Chairman bagged his ‘first choice’ swim but it or he failed to produce as expected and one could blame it on the extremely bright sunshine that we enjoyed over the whole period although others may have had different thoughts!

Sunday saw the majority of our party return to our booked stretch but others preferred to seek alternative stretches where some shade could be had and thus provide cover for the rivers inhabitants. On the booked stretch everyone again caught with the possible exception of Robbie senior, no doubt due to him fishing a ‘proper swim’(?) whilst Robbie junior managed to catch a good barbel to add to his splendid tally of chub over the weekend. The ‘Old Hand’ fished the ‘first choice’ swim for the first time and did reasonably well despite the actual swim facility  i.e. the bank, disappearing into the river progressively over the weekend and needing serious construction work in the form of digging out, should another session be planned.

All in all it was a very good weekend, with good company, ‘good conversation’ and good weather. The venue has been booked for next year already, so our Chairman can claim another gold star as well as look forward to trying his luck with the Severn’s barbel again.