Shepherds Way Desilt

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Shepherds Way Desilt

Category : Fishery Reports

Several months have passed, in fact it was last July since I last wrote about the Club’s intentions to desilt the large lake at Shepherds Way.

A considerable amount of work has been undertaken by Jack Neate, Dave Ruddle and I along with assistance from Rob Pearson from the EA, to formulate an application to the Lottery, under the Inspired Facilities Grant, which allows Sports Clubs to submit an application to a maximum of £50,000.

We have had to cost our project allowing for many variables, some of which will remain unseen and unknown until water levels are dropped, i.e. bank side and Island repairs, so this had added to the difficulty in making the presentation.

The full project cost comes to a not insignificant £76,000 consequently we have made our bid at the full £50,000.

We have identified our preferred contractor and the method of desilting, which will be by breaking down and pumping the waste material onto designated land to the North of the lake. By choosing this method we hope to minimize the negative impact on the lake and hope that we should be able to return to normal much sooner than if we were to completely drained the lake

Again the land owners and the Farmer have kindly agreed to work closely with us and although there will be a cost for this, it will be considerably less than having to remove the waste by road for dispersal.

The application was submitted on the 6th of December and the Lottery sets aside a twelve week consultation period before informing applicants if they have been successful.

Obviously we are up against many other sports Club’s and organisations but we believe our application is a strong one and keep our fingers crossed for a positive reply by early March.

Dave Porter