Shepherds Way Silt Removal, Habitat & Angling Improvement Update

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Shepherds Way Silt Removal, Habitat & Angling Improvement Update

Category : Fishery Reports

The club has moved a step forward and have agreed a working partnership with the Environmental Agency, who in turn has awarded us a sum of money towards the cost of de-silting the Large Lake, building a new silt trap, installing a concentrated reed bed and other associated ground works.
The next step is to contact a number of consultancies who specialise in this type of work to get quotes. Once we have agreed a contractor and are aware of the full cost, we intend to seek financial assistance from one of the many national funding schemes for most, if not all of the remaining money.
The greater the financial assistance these bodies can give, will allow us, to give far more consideration to a bigger restocking programme at the water.

We are hoping to undertake the work as soon as possible and hopefully to complete before the end of March 2014, but this is subject to many variables and may run on.

A grant of £500 has been sourced to complete the platform work on the small lake and we hope to make a start on the remaining platforms in the near future.